Brent Anderson treating a patient with Polestar's 90/90 exercise

Polestar’s Critical Reasoning Model

This workshop is designed for movement practitioners interested in enhancing their critical reasoning skills to learn how to work with special populations and optimize their client’s functional outcomes.



NCPC (PMA) Credits
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Assess and Design Effective Pilates Programs for Clients and Patients

Polestar’s unique Principles of Movement, and the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT) integrated with the ICF model can effectively differentiate whether the movement limitations are strategic, structural or both. 

Dr. Anderson, author of Principles of Movement, has designed a simple, yet thorough algorithm to aid physical therapists with their functional movement assessment skills and treatment designs.  Dr. Anderson will be facilitating the workshop in a live-virtual setting. 

The Polestar Assessment Tool excels at analyzing each and every part of the body and then also giving you application to what we do as Pilates instructors.

Kate Strozak, Pilates Instructor

Kate Strozak

Following this 3-hour workshop, participants will: 

  1. Comprehend the value of the Principles of Movement (POM) 
  2. Familiarize themselves with the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT) 
  3. Integrate the POM and the PAT with the International Classification of Function (ICF) 
  4. Apply the new algorithm to patient assessment 
  5. Differentiate between strategic & structural limitations 
  6. Design patient interventions based on the findings 
  7. Define outcome measures to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment design 

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