Critical Reasoning

for Rehabilitation and Post-Rehabilitation

This two-day course is designed for skilled Pilates teachers interested in post-rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation professionals who want to learn to better assess and design effective Pilates programs for their clients and patients.

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NCPC (PMA) Credits
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Assess and Design effective Pilates programs for clients and patients

Polestar’s Critical Reasoning course equips you with the skills to interview, assess and implement customized movement programs for your clients and patients.

  • Develop your interview and assessment skills to gather information regarding clients’ desire and ability to participate in activities of daily living, work, and recreation.
  • Deepen your skills to assess physical, emotional, and psychological impairments that limit participation.
  • Learn to identify impairments according to Polestar’s unique set of movement principles and design whole body movement experiences to progress your clients towards their optimal level of participation in life.

The evolution of the Polestar Principles of Movement, integrated with Porterfield and DeRosa’s Stages of Rehabilitation and the World Health Organizations (WHO) latest classification system, the International Classification of Function (ICF) model, create an easy-to-use framework for assessing and planning Pilates interventions.

This course will emphasize the use of the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT) combined with the ICF model to design the path in which the patient or client is most likely to accomplish their goals and return to life they desire.

The Polestar Assessment Tool excels at analyzing each and every part of the body and then also giving you application to what we do as Pilates instructors.

Kate Strozak, Pilates Instructor, Polestar Faculty

Kate Strozak

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