Polestar Graduates can Host Pilates Courses

Become a Host Site

for Polestar Pilates

Fostering relationships is a core value at Polestar. In every decision with a client or as an organization, serving the relationship is the first priority.

Polestar partners with universities, institutions, hospitals and studios around the world to help impact the world through intelligent movement.

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Host Pilates Courses in Your Studio

As a Pilates professional and Polestar practitioner, you can engage with your community in a variety of ways to help build your practice. If you own a studio, your studio can also become a host site for Polestar courses. Becoming a host allows you to connect with our global network, grow your market and revenues, and allow you to step out as a leader in the Pilates community at large.

There are many opportunities when you host Pilates courses, and Polestar wants to see you succeed!

Host Pilates Courses in your Studio. Instructor teaching a student on the cadillac.

Polestar Pilates offers programs that are scientifically based in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science. Students learn key tools that amplify their specialties or even allow them to begin their journey in movement training. Polestar offers turnkey programs that generate instant value for your organization and inspire continued and collaborative interest from students.

If you own a studio and are interested in having a second source of revenue while sharing valuable training to your community, please contact us to learn more.